LISA - Expression of a Theme Stolen By MACプラス (2015) is a deconstruction and reinterpretation of a piece of electronic music by producer Vektroid (under the pseudonym MACプラス (Macintosh Plus)) entitled "リサフランク420/現代のコンピュー" ("Lisa Frank 420/Contemporary Computing") off of her album Floral Shoppe (2011). That piece is in turn a remix of a Diana Ross song entitled "It's Your Move" off of her album Swept Away (1984). In Macintosh Plus' version, the original Diana Ross song's theme is stretched, looped, and rearranged to give it a nostalgic, hazy aura. LISA, in referencing the Macintosh Plus version, amplifies that aura still further, slowing down the theme until it becomes a distant memory, a nearly unrecognizable shadow of its original form.