Ayres Edition

Ayres Edition is the umbrella under which I operate as a music engraver, copyist, printer, distributor, and other auxiliary music service provider. Below, you can read an overview of the many things I do in the world of music preparation and publishing.

Comprehensive music preparation services

I have been doing paid music preparation work for individual clients for nearly a decade. I use software like Sibelius, Finale, Dorico, Inkscape, and the Adobe Creative Suite to deliver high-quality, beautifully typeset performance materials. As an engraver and copyist, I provide the following services:

My current rate for any of these services is $30 per hour worked, unless an agreement is reached for a flat fee. Send me an email with details about your project to get a quote!

Work samples

The following samples are presented here as demonstrations of ability, and do not necessarily reflect the content of existing published materials. All selections were either produced for specific clients from their own intellectual property, for my own compositions, from public domain works, or from otherwise publicly available reference and study scores. If you are a publisher and believe your work has been infringed here, send me an email and I will gladly modify the materials in question to your specification or take them down entirely.

Music printing, binding, and shipping

Printing music with general-purpose print shops can be a huge pain, both logistically and financially. Like many other composers, I've endured a mountain of frustrations in my quest to obtain affordable, professionally printed copies of my own music for performers to read. In 2019, I decided that enough was enough - I now provide full-service printing, binding, and shipping at an affordable rate with a particular focus on musical materials. From my print shop, you can get:

Print photos generously provided by TUX People's Music.

Distribution and rental set management

I am more than happy to provide direct shipping of performance or review materials to individuals, ensembles, and institutions performing your music - feel free to ask about long-term distribution arrangements!

I am also capable of printing, distributing, and managing rental sets of performance materials for larger works. If you would like to work out the details of such an arrangement, please get in touch!

Consulting and teaching

I have been using professional music notation and audio software for years, and would love to help you take your own preparation and engraving skills to the next level. I currently offer individualized sessions and consultations on the following topics:

I also offer general lessons in:

My rate for all lessons and consultation sessions is $50 per hour.